Lola Kimono

Spirituelle Kimono, A cover-up, wrap and scarf

A pashmina, scarf, cover-up or wrap ...a Spirituelle Lola Kimono can do it all!

In soft Chiffon a wardrobe and travel essential. The patterned Kimonos are great with neutral colours. Team with pants, dresses or jeans for a more casual relaxed look. Wear over a dress or top with straps, short or long works with them all. For the cooler weather they look great over knits.

Super versatile‚Ķ easy to wear, a really cool way to accessorize all year round!

Lola | Kimono | Autumn Garden
Lola | Kimono | Blush Black Zebra
Lola | Kimono | Cocoa Black
Lola | Kimono | Ditsy Black
Lola | Kimono | Green Leopard
Lola | Kimono | Jungle Rainbow
Lola | Kimono | Ocean Splash
Lola | Kimono | Posy Bright
Lola | Kimono | Vintage Floral
Lola | Kimono | Aubergine Bloom
Lola | Kimono | Tutti Frutti