Cotton Dress Slips, Petticoats and Camisoles

  Made from 100% Cotton Voile our Cotton Slips are designed to keep you cool in the heat while at the same time solve the problem of what to wear under sheer garments.

A cool alternative to Nylon! 

We have several cotton slip styles:
  • Celine A-line style available in 3 lengths   * PLUS SIZE AVAILABLE UP TO 5XL
  • Ami Straighter cut above the knee slip featuring a wider neck bind 
  • Clara A-line Slip with a shaped bodice and lower neckline
  • Zara  Strapless Slip available in 2 lengths 
  • Mia Half slip for dresses and skirts
  • Bella Slip designed with wider straps and a little extra room around bust and hips * PLUS SIZE AVAILABLE UP TO 6XL
  • Chloe Celeste Loungewear or nightie you choose!
  • Bardot Cotton Short Anti-chafe pettipant slip short providing an alternative to a half slip or bike shorts
Many feel that some fabrics cling to cotton, we have found adding a soft voile slip it will ‘move’ as one with the top layer without riding up or sticking.
So even with 2 layers you will feel cool and comfortable in the heat! Layer with your beach cover-up to take you out and about!
Cotton Dress Slips long short strapless petticoats


Style and Sizing Guide

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Cotton anti-chafe Slip Short | Bardot | XS - 3XL
Cotton Dress Slip | A Line | Celine | XS - 5XL
Long Cotton Slip for Maxi Dress | Celine | XS - 5XL
Cotton Camisole | Celine | XS - 5XL
Strapless Slip | Above Knee | Cotton | Zara
Cotton Dress Slip | Ami | Straight Cut | XS - 3XL
Cotton Slip | Shaped Bodice | Clara
Cotton Lace Camisole | Celine
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